IMPACT Ministry

TOLM Strategic Business Alliance

Do you see a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings. – Proverbs 22:29

God’s presence in our lives will ALWAYS change the environment around us as He pushes back the darkness with His Light. The secular workplace becomes sacred when we embrace His reign over our work and / or business.

This ministry consists of Christian professionals and business owners working together to advance God’s Kingdom in the marketplace ….. and taking back what the enemy has stolen! Men and women helping each other achieve significant business growth and success; creating resources to expand His Kingdom!

Ministry objectives include:

  • Encouraging and teaching.
  • Identifying needs and collectively addressing them.
  • Helping new entrepreneurs / startups build on a strong foundation.
  • Eventually explore how the Alliance might work together such as joint marketing, joint ventures or business alliances, etc.
  • At some point, providing ‘internship’ or learning opportunities for students (qualified members as mentors).

What TOLM members are saying:

"I believe the TOLM Business Alliance is a valuable ministry. It provides the help of other believers and advice according to scripture. I had an idea but didn't know how to go about making the product. When I spoke with Mr. Fisher about it, he was able to tell me what materials I needed and where to find them. After making the product, he gave me resources for protecting and manufacturing it. If you are new to business, as I am, the TOLM Business Alliance is a great way to learn.”
- Deon
" As a member & Christian business owner within the body of Christ, I see this ministry not only as necessary, beneficial to both the business owner and the recipient. Rex … brings with him years of knowledge and experience that will in turn, pass throughout this group."
- Tracy
“Many years ago, God placed in my heart a vision. For a long time that vision has gone unfulfilled as daily I confronted a barrage of self-doubt and fear of the unknown. Only one thing is true: God placed that vision within me and I needed to move forward; I needed to take the first steps. As I began to express my heart’s desire for this vision to start taking shape, I was approached by Rex Fisher. He simply stated, “Matt, I want to hear what God has placed in your heart.” I jumped at the chance to sit down, with someone who just wanted to listen, and share all that God had placed in me. With his passion for serving the Lord, with a heart to serve the local church community, and with his extensive background in business, Rex knew what to ask and when to ask it. Most often that is all it takes - one person. Imagine the power of an entire network of individuals, businessmen and women, who love the Lord and are intent on impacting the business community for the Lord? The effects of such a dynamic network would not just be felt locally, but regionally and perhaps nationally.”
- Matt

Contact Rex at to express your intrest or to request additional information about this exciting new ministry.

Rexford R Fisher Sr.

Rexford R Fisher Sr.
- Director