“And He rescued righteous Lot, greatly worn out and distressed by the wanton ways of the ungodly and lawless—.“  (2Pet. 2:7) {Gen. 9:24} 

(2Pet. 2:8) “For that just man, living {there} among them, tortured his righteous soul every day with what he saw and heard of {their} unlawful and wicked deeds—.” 

Do the things you see and hear bring torture, distress, and sadness to your soul; do feel frustrated with the ‘worlds’ ideas of what is acceptable? While watching a ‘decent’ show on t.v. one evening, I was bombarded with advertisements that made my insides twist with distress and frustration over the blindness of people who want nothing to do with the Truth. 

My question to the Lord was, ‘how can they not see what they are doing is poisoning the minds of others, and leading them down a path that is fatal for their souls and the souls of others? 

The Lord’s response to me was as follows: 

“Pay no attention to the world and man’s ways, they will do what they do, let it go. Man has heard the Truth and of their own free will has chosen to ignore Me and my warnings.” 

“For you, choose to keep your eyes, mind, and heart focused on Me and as you shift your focus, you will be elevated above the muck and mire of this world.” 

 “And set your minds and keep them set on what is above (the higher things), not on the things that are on the earth.”  (Col. 3:2) 

“For (as far as this world is concerned) you have died, and your (new, real) life is hidden with Christ in God.”  (Col. 3:3) 

This does not mean I will not to continue to pray for their salvation and the salvation for those they have influence over, it just means that my focus is to make a shift upward. 

Scripture for further study: 2Thess.2:10-12