Fine Arts and Drama Ministry

Tree of Life Ministries

Jesus used different. . .and often unorthodox. . .methods to reach individuals with the Truth.

  • He wrote in sand. . .
  • He spit and made mud to heal a blind man. . .
  • He told stories (parables) that people easily understood to reveal the Truth of God.

As followers of Christ, we, too, seek to reach individuals with the Truth of the Gospel. We seek to bring laughter and His JOY to the church family and the community to “our world”. We, too, seek to use unorthodox methods to soften hearts and attitudes and to open blinded eyes to the Truth. We are people of different ages and backgrounds, with different gifts and abilities (acting, building, writing, singing, dancing, playing instruments, painting, and so much more!). . .but we share a passion for Christ!

Dale E. Webb


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The heart of the Fine Arts Department of Tree of Life Ministries is reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, helping them to discover the gifts and talents God has given them, and training them to develop and enhance those gifts to encourage and challenge others in the TOLM Family, the community, and the world. We do this through training sessions, rehearsals, encouraging excellence in each presentation, and by challenging people to reach out and try something they may have always wanted to do, but were afraid to try or lacked the opportunity to do. Whether your talent is acting, music, wardrobe, building or designing sets, audio and lighting, graphics, serving meals or greeting people. . .you have an amazing gift to give to others!
At TOLM we use puppets, full-body characters, mime, stick teams, illusions, praise dance, skits, praise teams, video clips and other dramatic methods to reach and teach every week in various ministries. Other presentations range from one-person performances (such as “Denise Austin Powers Merriweather”, and “R.I.Icky”) . . .to Dinner Theatre. . .to skits. . . to full-scale Christmas and Easter productions!

We have presented the life of Jesus Christ through anointed drama and music. Our eight Dinner Theatres to date have brought people together for a great meal, good fellowship, and tons of laughter! The VIPS have enjoyed a two hour “comedy with a message”, and a number of skits have been presented to various ministries. And we found Dessert Theatre to be a big hit also!

In the past four New Year’s Eve Celebrations, drama has been a high light of the evening!  Denise Austin-Powers Merriweather, Sparky Malarky, The Neurotic Rat, and skits performed by the team (“Attack of the Monster Tongue”, “New Year’s Eve at the Bad Habits Club”, and “The Preacher’s Barbeque”, “Just A LITTLE BIT Won’t Hurt You”) and others have been a big hit and resulted in side-splitting laughter and a few ‘oh, me’s’!  The singers and Praise and Worship Leaders have done an awesome job also!  “Elvis” even showed up one night!